"I have enjoyed a long relationship with Sam at Real Strata and cannot recommend their service enough. Over the last 12 – 18 months, Sam has been instrumental in assisting with the administration of our building. In particular he has been meticulous in working with our staff to ensure that our administration and records are maintained. Sam has also helped us with council communication and the overall maintenance of the building"

Rui Yi, IBAA CHatswood

Building Exterior

"Having Real Strata look after my building has given me real peace of mind. Sam was able to transition all matters across and helped rectify missing certifications. He has been great help in advising with the board as well"

Ajay Hodar, Committee Secretary (residential property Asquith)

Residential Neighborhood

“Real Strata is responsive and understanding of our environment. Matters raised are dealt with professionally and promptly. Sam is also very knowledgeable on strata issues and provides solid advice which gives us confidence in dealing with complex matters.”

- Sue Park, Committee Chairman